Looking for more resources to find your latest reading adventure? Check out these helpful resources to find more reviews and information about books and where you can find them.

Free eBooks

This site provides links to free eBooks on many subjects. From non-fiction to educational reading, you can surely find it here.

Google Books

Google Books provides a search engine where you can find millions of books available for preview and even download for free reading.

Read Print

Sign up for a membership at Read Print and get your sights on free books. Here you find everything from poems to short stories, essays and more.

Good Reads

Good Reads offers plenty of opportunities for users to rate books, give their opinions, add recommendations, create a must-read lead and even explore new books. What makes Good Reads fun is their monthly and yearly reading challenge along with their new book giveaways.

Opening the Book

This site offers a bunch of lists written by them and their guests to enable reads to find books that match their needs.

What Should I Read Next

Stuck on a book you recently finished but want to find more like it? What Should I Read Next? is a great site that will help you find some recommended and suggested books to read after your favorite book.